Joel's Organics
City: Touchet, WA, 99360
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About Us
Huesby Farms grows, mills, and malts various organic grains that they raise on their family farm. Joel farms with his wife Cynthia and son Will on land that has been in his family since 1908. He has used no commercial fertilizers or pesticides for over 25 years now. Crop rotations using legumes to fix atmospheric nitrogen and incorporating organic matter back into his soil helps him conserve more water, store and recycle nutrients. He believes in local food economies and human-scale food processing where many small spread out enterprises reduces food risk and increases food security while offering more nutrient dense and flavorful foods than what is offered in the commodity market. You can learn more about their operation by visiting
We believe that organic practices are best for you, our community, and our farm. We make it our aim to provide you with unique organic products at reasonable prices. We invite you to enjoy the results of our labors from the heart of the Walla Walla Valley.

Our grains are grown, milled, and malted right here on our family farm. We strive to bring you consistent quality at reasonable prices for our organic products — with attributes we hope you find unique, inspiring, and full of flavor, nutrition, and health.